Buying with Brinsons

Buying a property can be a stressful process

We are on hand to take the pressure off and make the selling process as simple as possible. We aim to help you throughout the conveyancing process, as well as throughout your home buying journey from booking, viewing, helping you around the property, negotiating and sales process.

Our steps towards helping you purchase your new home:

  • Work out what you can afford.
  • Aim to get a mortgage or decision in principal before booking in viewings so that you know the price bracket to concentrate on.
  • Find the ideal property by searching our website It is always worth looking at numerous properties so that you can decide what is your priority criteria. It might be location, number of bedrooms, size of garden or anything that is important to your individual circumstances.
  • Form a shortlist and contact us to arrange viewings of the properties that might suit you. 
  • Spend your time wisely at the viewing and look at each room twice. Try to imagine how you might live in the house, how you might arrange furniture and how the space might be best used to suit your needs. If you particularly like a property, perhaps arrange a second viewing to confirm your thoughts before making an offer. This is a big decision.
  • Contact us with your offer by phone, email or letter. One of our sales negotiators will contact the vendors to pass on the offer and will come back to you with a decision as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that it is also a big decision for the vendor so please do not be surprised if they take a day or two to make a decision.
  • If your offer is successful then we will prepare a sales Memorandum to circulate to all parties. You should choose your conveyancing solicitor wisely; if you need assistance then please ask and we can make recommendations.
  • We will liaise with all parties through the conveyancing to ensure that the process is as swift as possible and to try to assist in dealing with problems and queries to prevent delays.
  • In most cases you will exchange contracts to make the sale binding and there will be a period (perhaps 7 – 14 days but each case is different) before the completion date to allow you to make firm moving arrangements. 
  • A great tip for packing your home up is to be well organised and label your boxes. Unpack your essentials first which should include the kettle, tea bags and a packet of your favourite biscuits; you have earned them!

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