“Wales sees the highest price growth”

“Wales sees the highest price growth”

“Wales sees the highest price growth”

According to Zoopla, UK figures see Wales at the top of regional price increases at 10.2% for 2021 with London seeing the lowest price increases.

They say house prices are generally 30% higher on average since the last peak in 2007. Brinsons are also experiencing  this  jump in prices over  the last 6 months  , prices are still rising fast and demand has tripled to buy any properties that come to market.

A recent “higher priced” property listing with Brinsons had 42 enquiries within a 3 day period as supply has failed to keep pace with the demand.

The question is do you list before you find?

A lot of potential movers are taking their time to find a property they like before listing.  If everyone takes this stance properties do not get listed, so no one moves!  Most who take this course of action lose their ideal home to someone who has sold or is another way able to purchase.

There are buyers out there who will wait once they have found their dream home enabling you to find something .  At Brinsons we offer our vendors a ‘priority’ finding service if we see a home you will be interested in.

So take the plunge , find out how much your home is worth and get moving!