Landlord Guide - Landlords' Checklist

Steps to be taken before the tenancy begins:

  • Arrange initial FREE advice session with us
  • Tell us which service you require
  • Contact your Building Society, Bank or other lender for their requirements
  • Contact your insurer (buildings and contents) for details of their requirements
  • Decide which items (if any) are to be left at the property and remove all valuables
  • If the property is furnished, ensure the furnishings comply with fire regulations
  • If furnished think about what you wish to remove from the property and remove all valuables or items of irreplaceable value to you.
  • Discuss safety issues with us
  • Arrange for gas and electrical safety checks or ask us to deal with this.
  • Arrange for annual service of the gas systems and appliances
  • Arrange for the property to be cleaned and presented ready for the letting or ask us to deal with this
  • Think about what level of work needs to be done in the garden - is this reasonable for a tenant or should you think about some form of gardening service.
  • Arrange for three sets of keys to be given to us, one for us to keep and two for the new tenants
  • If you are moving overseas apply for an approval certificate to enable us to pay rent to you without deduction of tax