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Our Services

Tenant information

Prior to taking possession we will provide the tenant with a Move In Pack setting out necessary details for residing in the property, breaking down their obligations and explaining our procedures and expectations


We normally collect a security deposit from the tenant which will be protected by The Deposit Protection Service under The Custodial Tenancy Deposit Scheme.


We will take and produce a detailed inventory of the property including a Schedule of Condition.

When a tenant moves into the property we give the tenant a fair opportunity to check the inventory and we will deal with any discrepancies. We also do a detailed check out when the tenant vacates and we will report our findings to you.


The rent is usually payable monthly in advance. Under our full management service, we will collect the rent and account to you at agreed periods (usually monthly). If more than one month’s rent is paid to us we will only be able to account to you monthly, as the rent is due under the agreement. We try and pay rent to landlords within five working days of receipt of cleared funds. Occasionally this can be later during periods such as Christmas. We will always use our best endeavours to collect the rent on time. Should a tenant be late we will advise you and pay the due rent as soon as it is received. In common with all letting agents, we cannot be liable for non-payment of rent. However, we can offer a full rent guarantee scheme to landlords and we will discuss this with you if ask.


It is usual for the tenant to pay charges for Council Tax, water, electricity and gas. We will notify the authorities and service suppliers and, if necessary, take meter readings. (Tenants are, of course, entitled to change suppliers for gas and electric although we always encourage them to remain with the existing suppliers.

Routine visits

The main purpose of such visits is to check if there are any matters that require your attention. We also seek to check that the tenant is abiding by the agreement and not damaging the property. We also give the tenant advice, if necessary, on any defects we may find.

However, tenants do have a right of privacy and we, and you as landlord, can only enter the property with their consent. Similarly, we are not able to comment on the tenant’s life style or cleaning ability unless the property is being adversely affected.